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 The Friends of Yosemite Valley actively opposes commercialism in Yosemite and believes it is at the heart of the Park's problems. We support public enjoyment of activities such as climbing, hiking, walking, camping. We think that sustainable interraction with the Park's wild and natural places should be the active responsibility of organized citizens.

The Friends of Yosemite Valley was formed by a group of climbers and conservationists IN RESPONSE TO A CRISIS: a plan to expand the Yosemite Lodge commercial lodging into the Swan Slabs woodland, and to build an expansive housing complex for nearly half the Valley's commercial workforce on the very edge of Camp 4. The Camp 4 campground (also called Sunnyside) is the historic basecamp of generations of Valley climbers. The Swan Slabs woodland is a peaceful, sunny place to walk, picnic, and boulder, just next to Camp 4.

The promise of the Park's 1980 General Management Plan (GMP) was for a reduction of commercial development in Yosemite Valley. Expansion of the Yosemite Lodge completely subverts this admired public goal of the GMP in the name of private concession profits. The Lodge Plan is wrong. Moreover, it was pursued illeagally, and the Friends of Yosemite Valley is suing to stop it (see Lawsuit).

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